"When viewers in the UK attempt to watch videos of the protest, they are met with the message, ‘This content is not available in your country due to a government removal request.’"

Paul Watson on YouTube’s new partnership with the UK government over protest videos • The British government is hoping the removal of certain protest images from the popular video sharing website will prevent copycat demonstrations from forming in the future. The British government isn’t the only one requesting YouTube pull demonstration videos: A geographic search reveals the US government has also requested YouTube remove certain videos along with keyword searches. source (viafollow)

Whatever happened to “Don’t be evil!”?

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About the London Riots


The violence, which erupted last Saturday after a demonstration against the police in Tottenham, spiralled into arson and looting. More widespread violence broke out on Sunday between groups of young people and the riot police. Police described Sunday night’s clashes as “copycat violence” which was “less serious” than Saturday’s sporadic incidents. 

Senior police officers said what initially appeared to be a localized issue had turned into organized crime. One of them told BBC radio, “Social media and other methods have been used” to go on a rampage and reveal such “levels of greed and criminality”. 

The widespread looting across London comes at a time of soaring unemployment. Added to it, the economically deprived have experienced cuts in social security introduced by the present Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government. At the same time, the large Afro-Caribbean population has felt singled out by the police for abuse. 

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