there was a rlly cute commercial for them with draculaura and cleo! hipandhorrific.tumblr.c…

omggg!!!! i havent seen the commercial i saw the toy display when i went to mcd’s today

plattycat replied to your post “went to best buy to take advantage of that buy one get one free 3DS…”

show us what your trainer looks like after you dress her up cute n stuff!!

will do ’ u’7 

plattycat replied to your post “if anybody comes across any sort of discussion post for #oitnb link me…”

have you been watching it? aaa if so what characters are your favorites?

yeah! ive been watching since the first season was put up on netflix. i just finished the second season today though that’s the main reason im looking for discussion posts

janae, poussey, taystee, suzanne, daya, ……others………………. 

i like miss claudette if we’re talking about the first season as well

i have a lot of favorites tbh lmao 

plattycat replied to your post “last thursday my dad and bro went down to florida for my sister’s…”

ahh it sounds like a really nice trip!! omg it’s so nice of them to get you those presents im rlly happy for you!!<3 <3

yeah seriously!!

thank you!! <3

godddd we rly need to chat on skype sometime this weekend btw 

plattycat replied to your post “i miss space brothers so much :( ”

is it on hiatus or something??


due to the author working on the new movie + it was catching up to the manga. it’s coming back eventually but there isnt a date for it.

plattycat replied to your post “2 things: one) the 3ds bundle my mom got me let ya pick out a game…”

omg that ghost game looks soooo cute, tell me how it is!!

i will!!! most definitely ’ w’ !!! 

plattycat replied to your post “hey if you tagged me in something it’s not showing up in my tracked…”

ohh i made a post askin about skype earlier in case you didnt see my messages but i deleted it after you did

aah okay!

plattycat replied to your photoset “okay so crunchyroll had a contest where you had to find 5 differences…”

!!!! im so happy for you

eeee thank you!!! ’ w’ !!