plattycat replied to your post “if anybody comes across any sort of discussion post for #oitnb link me…”

have you been watching it? aaa if so what characters are your favorites?

yeah! ive been watching since the first season was put up on netflix. i just finished the second season today though that’s the main reason im looking for discussion posts

janae, poussey, taystee, suzanne, daya, ……others………………. 

i like miss claudette if we’re talking about the first season as well

i have a lot of favorites tbh lmao 

plattycat replied to your post “last thursday my dad and bro went down to florida for my sister’s…”

ahh it sounds like a really nice trip!! omg it’s so nice of them to get you those presents im rlly happy for you!!<3 <3

yeah seriously!!

thank you!! <3

godddd we rly need to chat on skype sometime this weekend btw 

plattycat replied to your post “i miss space brothers so much :( ”

is it on hiatus or something??


due to the author working on the new movie + it was catching up to the manga. it’s coming back eventually but there isnt a date for it.

plattycat replied to your post “2 things: one) the 3ds bundle my mom got me let ya pick out a game…”

omg that ghost game looks soooo cute, tell me how it is!!

i will!!! most definitely ’ w’ !!! 

plattycat replied to your post “hey if you tagged me in something it’s not showing up in my tracked…”

ohh i made a post askin about skype earlier in case you didnt see my messages but i deleted it after you did

aah okay!

plattycat replied to your photoset “okay so crunchyroll had a contest where you had to find 5 differences…”

!!!! im so happy for you

eeee thank you!!! ’ w’ !!

plattycat replied to your photo “selfie w/my bro!!!”

nice hat!! i used to have one like it

kudugin replied to your photo “my babies sammie and snicker!!!! i couldnt get them to look at the…”

ommmmmm cuuute babies

plattycat replied to your photo “my babies sammie and snicker!!!! i couldnt get them to look at the…”

wah!!! sweeties!!


after the ep where it was like a doc about the flamengers i was just like….i dont know if i can keep watching. i mean ive stayed positive about it because i do love the characters!! but it just feels so bizarre now. i just want to see goto be cute

YEAH A LOT OF WEIRD STUFF IS HAPPENING WITH NO EXPLANATION. if they explained like literally anything i wouldnt be so “…okay…” but i guess they are saving that for later???? though i would not be surprised if they didnt explain it at all. i dont dislike the show im just like what is going on here. a lot is happening and fast.

ah it sounds like things are going nicely!! i hope it continues to be that way and it’ll eventually get less awkward for you uwu

thank you so much!!! ’ w’ <33