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Still life with two lemons, and what I can only assume would be the longest road trip ever. My submission, and an extra for a most acceptable zine. 


and some inevitable Flame prince outfits veiled as F+FP YOU KNOW ME


Datamoshing the Land of Ooo: A Conversation with David OReilly

Interview with the great animator David O’Reilly about his Adventure Time episode:

DR: Were there any restrictions and/or stipulations on what you could do with the show?

DO: Creatively, Pen really wanted me to do my own thing. The writers on the show are really good, and I would have been happy to animate one of their storyboards—but he really wanted me to do all that stuff myself. I can’t think of a precedent for that. It may be the only animated show in history to let a total outsider write and direct an episode. As far as restrictions, there were a few because ultimately it’s for children’s TV. A few jokes were cut or toned down, which was frustrating at the time, but I’m proud of what made it to air. 

Worth reading, which can be seen here


when I’m bored I always end up drawing AT


when I’m bored I always end up drawing AT