Anonymous asked: "He's just not gutsy enough."

gutsy enough for a buffet??????

gutsy enough not to get his paycheck cut?????

are we talking about gumshoe?

am i missing a reference here

Anonymous asked: "DORITOS ARE GROSS"


Anonymous asked: "do you want the d?"

only if the d stands for doritos

Anonymous asked: "*climbs into ur bed* *hugs ur butt* goodnight princess *kisses ur butt*"

/has a happy butt now?????

Anonymous asked: "Hey I'm having trouble with the latest Dan Vs. download, is there something I'm doing wrong?"

I’m assuming you mean with the download process itself and not after you downloaded it? If that’s the case I changed the link try it again. I think there was a problem with the url.

Anonymous asked: "who is your favorite AA character?"

Anonymous asked: "what did you think of the new episode of dan vs.?"

yo i was napping when it aired so i missed it but my nap was pleasant so i aint complaining

Anonymous asked: "17 DAYS REMAIN"

is that you crispy

also i got thrown off for a sec because it’s already after 12 here and so i got the 30th instead of the 29th when i counted ahead 17 days

darn you timezones

Anonymous asked: "Where did you get the toque from?"

i dont remember exactly. i got it back when i was in 8th grade while on a marching band trip in new york…..

id try etsy or amazon they probably have some on their site. i hope youre able to get one anon!!!!

Anonymous asked: "jotleaf page link?"

here ya go!!