Anonymous asked: "is that a batman pillow in the background?"

lmao yeah its a pillow case good eye??????



weve have this since forever

Anonymous asked: "☝✏"

-dominant hand?


-writer or reader?

reader. not as much as i use to be though

Anonymous asked: "are those mario pajamas??"

lmao yes.

here’s a better pic kinda 

(bonus????? gurren lagann tee)

ive had these pj bottoms for years and just now noticed one of the sections reads “everybody love an italian boy” instead of “everybody loves an italian boy” they are demanding for everybody to love mario lol

Anonymous asked: "14"

14. Handwrite “hello”. 

Anonymous asked: "1, 15"

1. Handwrite your name

15. Handwrite your name in the hand that you do NOT normally use.

Anonymous asked: "That gif you tagged as Madoka a bit ago..... I know it's not PMMM but it's from a music video I haven't seen in a long time and I just remembered abt it."

oh thanks for letting me know!!! 

i reverse image searched it and it’s from this music video called Universe by Maaya Sakamoto

Anonymous asked: "I said in the other ask: Theres a lot of violence around pits and people who dislike them, so while "National Kill a Pit Bull Day" isn't a thing, there are a select group of folks who go around hurting dogs/being jerks on mischeif night. (Some rowdy teens went around throwing rocks at strays and pets a few halloweens back in my town) So pretty pretty please be very careful with your pups, dress them up as cute things and keep them next to you at all times"

thanks for resending! 

Anonymous asked: "I'll be honest, I never played the games, always wanted to but I never could get the money to even get their consoles, haha! They do seem really cool though, maybe I'll get to them eventually. I just wanted to see if you knew because of how much you seem to like the series! c:"

oh anon it’s okay!! even if you havent played them im still just really happy you brought it up ; o;

they are really fun and i hope you get a chance to play them someday. it’s possible (in general) to just start w/the third one b/c it has a feature where you can watch videos from the first two games so you know what is going on. just a heads up if you ever get your hands on a ps3 and youre like dang would it be alright if i started on the 3rd one??? haha


thanks so much anon for thinking about me ; w;

Anonymous asked: "You heard about the new Yakuza game right? Yakuza Restoration, seems hype!"

YES !!! WHO IS THIS THOUGH DO YOU PLAY YAKUZA ???? NO ONE TALKS TO ME ABOUT YAKUZA (mostly cuz no one i know has played it) I AM EXCITED ABOUT THE NEW GAME. youre talking about ryu ga gotoku ishin right? b/c i am unaware of any other possible new yakuza game. the sad thing is it’s probably not going to come out over here. i mean just look at yakuza 5 BUT EVEN SO i cant wait to get more info on it !

Anonymous asked: "do you have a nsfw blog?"


sorry to possibly disappoint????????