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hey wow you’re really cute.

thank you!! youre rly cute too!!

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I get my Net10 phones there. They are great phones for the price.

NET10!! that was it! i could see the phone card/phone itself in my head but i couldnt remember the name! i havent used net10 services before but i agree w/you about the prepaid phones there in general


The Idolm@ster Floral

Photo Credit: Garticuno

Some friends and I did a cosplay shoot a while ago at their local mall!! Big thanks to Nathan aka Garticuno for being our photographer~ (especially since I am oblivious when it comes to modeling. oops @_@)


okay so the black ink ran out


ancient: for the win
classical: for the lulz
post modern: for the vine

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im gonna be honest i had no idea you could get smartphones from dollar generals

they only have  the prepaid ones like tracphone an other ones i dont recall the names of. it’s not v. many though. it’s kept where they keep the prepaid phone cards and other gifts cards and such at (im assuming all dollar general have that little set up)


2014 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Manny Taur & Iris Clops

Released July 2014

Manny & Iris were be sold exclusively at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con.

Interesting notes:

  • Manny & Iris were apart of the shareholder presentation that revealed many future dolls to the public (likely unintentionally).
  • Manny & Iris were available on Matty Collector as apart of their usual presale, as well as briefly on their post-sale.

Photo Credit: Mattel & Parrotbeak

also i heard a white person call another white person ratchet today :’)

they lowered their voice when they said it but i still heard :-)