Just a heads up that I might be unable to replace any dead download links.

Originally I ripped episodes of Dan Vs. off of the Hub website when they got put up since at the time no one else was providing downloads. I was actually going to stop when more capable folks came along and thankfully that has happened as they can provide better quality files. With that being said the majority of these files aren’t mine anymore I just get linked to them and post them here for everyone. Any sendspace files are what I’ve originally uploaded (though I think some folks uploaded some of my stuff to rapidshare and I’m fine with that) anything else was uploaded by someone else and I don’t have control over those. If you don’t want to register to a site to download then try the website BugMeNot. If there are problems I’ll try the best I can to help but I can’t guarantee I can fix everything. 


Episode 1 Dan Vs. The Wolf-Man [720 RS] [1080 FC | RS]

Episode 2 Dan Vs. New Mexico [720 FC | RS] [1080 FC | RS]

Episode 3 Dan Vs. The Dentist [720 RS]

Episode 4 Dan Vs. The Ninja [720 RS] [1080 FC | RS]

Episode 5 Dan Vs. The Animal Shelter [720 RS] [1080 FC | RS]

Episode 6 Dan Vs. Canada [720 FC | RS] [1080 FC | RS]

Episode 7 Dan Vs. Traffic  [720 RS] [1080 FC | RS]

Episodes 8 Dan Vs. Ye Olde Shakespeare Dinner Theatre [720 FC | RS]

Episode 9 Dan Vs. Baseball [720 FC | RS]

Episode 10 Dan Vs. The Salvation Armed Forces [720 RS]

Episode 11 Dan Vs. The Beach [720 RS] [1080 FC | RS]

Episode 12 Dan Vs. George Washington [720 RS]

Episode 13 Dan Vs. Technology [720 RS]

Episode 14 Dan Vs. The Barber [720 RS]

Episode 15 & 16 Dan Vs. Art & Dan Vs. Elise’s Parents [720 RS -Art | RS - Elise’s Parents]

Episode 17 Dan Vs. The Fancy Restaurant [720 RS]

Episode 18 Dan Vs. Dan [720 RS]

Episode 19 Dan Vs. The Family Camping Trip [720 RS]

Episode 20 Dan Vs. Burgerphile [720 RS]

Episode 21 Dan Vs. The Magician [720 RS]

Episode 22 Dan Vs. The Lemonade Stand Gang [720 RS]

720 Torrent Season 1

DVD Extra: Burgerphile - The Animatics Version

Subtitled episodes FileCloud Download (or may just be the subtitled files themselves. I’m not sure. They aren’t mine and I didn’t download them.) I was told the Wolf-Man and New Mexico episodes were messed up though not entirely sure how exactly (This might be fixed on the FileCloud downloads? Not sure).

Season 2

Episode 1 Dan Vs. The Family Thanksgiving [720 RS]

Episode 2 Dan Vs. The Mall Santa [720 RS]

Episode 3 Dan Vs. The Neighbors [720 RS]

Episode 4 Dan Vs. Dancing [720 RS]

Episode 5 Dan Vs. The Bank [720 RS]

Episode 6 Dan Vs. The Monster Under The Bed [720 RS]

Episode 7 Dan Vs. Golf [720 RS]

Episode 8 Dan Vs. The Gym [720 RS]

Episode 9 Dan Vs. The Wedding [720 RS]

Episode 10 Dan Vs. The Catburglar [720 RS]

Episode 11 Dan Vs. The Dinosaur [720 RS]

Episode 12 Dan Vs. Stupidity [720 RS]

Episode 13 Dan Vs. The Telemarketer [720 RS]

Episode 14 Dan Vs. Reality TV [720 RS]

Episode 15 Dan Vs. Parents [720 RS]

Episode 16 Dan Vs. Gigundo-Mart [720 RS]

Episode 17 Dan Vs. Chris [720 RS]

Episode 18 Dan Vs. The Wild West Town [720 RS]

Season 2 zipped/rar uploaded to 4Shared

Season 2 720 Torrents

Season 3

Episode 1 Dan Vs. Anger Management [1080 FC]

Episode 2 Dan Vs. The Mummy

Episode 3 Dan Vs. The Boss

Episode 4 Dan Vs. The Mechanic [360 FC

Episode 5 Dan Vs. The High School Reunion [360 FC]

Episode 6 Dan Vs. The Common Cold [360 FC]

Episode 7 Dan Vs. The DMV

Episode 8 Dan Vs. The Ski Trip

Episode 9 Dan Vs. Jury Duty

Episode 10 Dan Vs. Vegetables

Episode 11 Dan Vs. The Superhero

Episode 12 Dan Vs. The Family Cruise

Episode 13 Dan Vs. Summer Camp

Dan Vs. Pinkie Pie Commercial (Forest ver) - provided by Shunjou 

To Purchase (in HD and SD in case any of yall are interested.)

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