who am i but a guy with two eyes on the prize


M’name’s Chantel but I also go by Cat or Hotsauce on here. Feel free to call me any of those (look i even made a post about it. read it plz).

My blog is a mix of everything but tends to be fandom stuff most of the time. When it comes to actually posting and reblogging it’s usually fan art, or text posts (though I sometimes post videos and music). If you come across art work of yours you want down let me know. I’m usually pretty good when it comes to sourcing stuff but if I left something unsourced please let me know. I’ve been using the saucenao extension which is way handy (check it out if you haven’t already)

I pretty much tag everything but if you need something tagged let me know whether it’s a trigger or just something that makes you uncomfortable.

If you reply to one of my posts or want me to see something you posted it would be super awesome if you tagged it with my username so it’ll show up in my track tags. I sometimes overlook posts or forgot to look out for a reply, or am just plain not around to see it because something came up so tagging is definitely your best bet. I tag my posts w/usernames too so if you are looking for a reply from me just search your username either on my blog (hotsauceonpizza.tumblr.com/tagged/yourusername) or just the general tumblr search.

Interesting tags???

My icons are anti-spirals btw !!

Some fandoms you’ll see here

  • Pokemon
  • Space Brothers/Uchuu Kyoudai
  • Monster High
  • Ace Attorney game series
  • Yakuza game series
  • Steven Universe

I do post and reblog other fandom things as well of course!!

As for non-fandom things that I usually reblog:

  • Food
  • Places
  • People/Fashion
  • Animals (especially cats and big cats)
  • General hipster shit I suppose??
  • Other stuff I am forgetting about

Your best bet is to go through my archive. You should be able to get an idea of my blog from that.

I’ll probs add more later.